Gerald Seymour at Stratford upon Avon Literary Festival


Gerald Seymour will be making a rare festival appearance at Stratford upon Avon Literary Festival on Friday 2nd May at Stratford Arts House.

Gerald Seymour is the international best-selling author whom came to fiction after
spending 15 years as an international television news reporter with ITN, covering Vietnam and the Middle East, and specialising in the subject of terrorism across the world. Seymour was on the streets of Londonderry on the afternoon of Bloody Sunday, covered the Great Train
Robbery and was a witness to the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

His first novel was the acclaimed thriller Harry’s Game, set in Belfast, and he has since written 29 novels, including The Glory Boys and The Contract, of which six have been filmed for television in the UK and US and most recently A Deniable Death has been optioned for an ITV Drama.

In a rare festival appearance, he’ll be talking about his latest thriller, The Corporal’s Wife, set in the dust of Iran, the offices of Whitehall and the mountains of Austria.

Here is a link to the event:

Gerald Seymour’s Vagabond for publication in 2014

Thanks to Brian for the alert that the Hodder website is listing a new Gerald Seymour book titled Vagabond for publication next year. 17 July 2014 to be exact, so just eight months to go!


Also thanks to Brian for finding this blurb.

It was a dirty job in a dirty war. Danny Curnow, known in the Army family as ‘Desperate Dan’ and in the secret files by his code name ‘Vagabond’, ran agents and informers – people blackmailed into betraying their own communities – in the years of conflict in Northern Ireland.

A high-stakes game, but a long time ago – before Danny quit, before the peace process. Now he lives quietly, working as a guide to the monuments and cemeteries of another, simpler war, on the D-Day beaches of Normandy.

Until the call comes from his old boss, Bentinick.
Not everyone in Northern Ireland has given up on violence. MI5 are planning a sting to destroy a resurgent terrorist cell and only Danny can make it work.

Soon, Danny and ambitious young Gaby Davies of MI5 are heading for Prague, where freelance double-agent Ralph Exton is leading Brendan Murphy on a mission to buy arms from Ralph’s Russian contact Timofey.

The covert world of deception and betrayal nearly destroyed Danny the first time. Fifteen years later, it hasn’t got any easier.

Vagabond shows Gerald Seymour writing at the top of his powers, and returning to the territory of some of his greatest bestsellers, Harry’s Game, The Journeyman Tailor and Field of Blood.


So, interesting, a fourth Northern Ireland book!

Watch this space for further developments.

Gerald Seymour reissue bargains in The Works

I love a good bargain and I found a surprising one in The Works this morning. My local branch had two of the new Gerald Seymour reissues, The Fighting Man and The Unknown Soldier. Price just £1.99 each or part of the 3 for £5 offer.


The Works website is listing just one of the two books, The Unknown Soldier, at the moment:

I’ll be checking back to see if any of the other reissues have appeared at that price, but if a reader spots any of the others please feel free leave a comment here.

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