TV Adaptations

The following seven Gerald Seymour novels have been adapted for television.

Harry’s Game – 1982


First shown in three parts in 1982. It is currently available on DVD in the UK. Derek Thompson of Casualty fame played the IRA assassin. Ray Lonnen played Harry and also appeared a drama series about British spies called The Sandbaggers. It’s well worth hunting for on DVD.

The Glory Boys – 1984

Glory_Boys_US glory_boys_promo Glory_Boys_VHS

Staring Rod Steiger, Anthony Perkins and Joanna Lumley.

The Contract – 1988

Starting Kevin McNally, who has gone on to appear in certain big budget Disney movies with the word “Pirates” in the titles. The Contract was later released on VHS.

Red Fox – 1991


Red Fox starred John Hurt, Brian Cox and Jane Birkin. The location of the story was changed from Italy to France. To the best of my knowledge it has never been released for sale on VHS or DVD, although the Daily Mail did include a DVD as part of their Action Thrillers promo a few years ago.

The Informant (based on Field of Blood) – 1997

Field of Blood was adapted as an American TV movie by Nicholas Meyer (who directed and co-wrote some of the better Star Trek movies). Timothy Dalton played the policeman Rennie and Cary Elwes played Lt. David Ferris

The Waiting Time – 1999

Starring John Thaw, Zara Turner and Colin Baker.

A Line in the Sand – 2004

Starring Ross Kemp and Saskia Reeves. It was actually made years before it’s first broadcast in the UK, apparently delayed due to the September 11 attacks.

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