Next novel title is Jericho’s War

Just a quick update to report that are now listing the new Gerald Seymour novel with the title Jericho’s War. Keep in mind that titles can change closer to the publication date.

As yet there is no blurb yet that I can see. I’ll add that when I find one.

Publication is still set for January 2017.

Next untitled novel publication date

There is no title or plot information yet, but the next untitled Gerald Seymour novel is set for publication on 12 January 2017, at least according to Amazon UK.

Also I seem to recall seeing that the paperback of No Mortal Thing is due out in November 2016. I’ll see if I can pin that one down.

No Mortal Thing officially published today


Bearing in mind that the book appeared in shops last week here is a quick reminder that today is the official publication date for the new hardback No Mortal Thing.

No Mortal Thing out now


The official publication date for No Mortal Thing is 7 January 2016 which is still a week away. However I have just spotted copies of the hardcover on sale in my local branch of Tesco for £9. Handy for those of us who don’t want to wait.

No Mortal Thing Review


I’ve added my review page for the upcoming novel No Mortal Thing. You can find the review on the No Mortal Thing page.

The new novel is out in hardcover on 7 January 2016 in the UK.

Many thanks to Hooder & Stoughton for my review copy.

No Mortal Thing cover image

A cover image for the new Gerald Seymour novel No Mortal Thing has appeared on


Publication date is still set for January 2016.

No Mortal Thing release date changed

Just a quick update regarding the release date on the new novel No Mortal Thing. The book was originally due to come out in July 2015. I’ve just had word from Hodder books that the release date has now been set for January 2016.

So that’s a slightly longer gap between books. But I think we’ve been lucky to have a new book released every summer since 2008, by my reckoning.

Additionally a look at the Amazon UK listings shows that Hodder is planning a special 40th anniversary edition of Harry’s Game for the later part of this year. More news on that as I get it.

Vagabond paperback out now


Yes, it’s that time again, tomorrow is New Gerald Seymour Paperback Day and Vagabond will be out in book shops.

Actually it’s out already. By which I mean that my local Tesco had it out on the shelves when I stopped by tonight. So you’ve no excuse not to buy it for a mere £3.85.*

* Insert generic disclaimer along the lines of “other book shops are available”…

Vagabond paperback preview

Thanks to the nice folk at Hodder for the review copy of Vagabond which arrived this weekend. So here’s a preview of what is on the shelves later in the month…


Vagabond paperback cover

Gerald Seymour’s new novel No Mortal Thing is due out in hardback in July. However before that we have the paperback of Vagabond to look forward to. The paperback cover design is shown below.


Vagabond is out in paperback in the UK on 21 May 2015.