The Foot Soldiers blurb and publication date

I have found a blurb for a new novel called the Foot Soldiers, due for publication on 31 March 2022.

Defectors are not always welcome. Is the information they bring worth the cost of protecting them for the rest of their lives? Is it even genuine? Might they be double agents?

These are some of the questions facing MI6 when a Russian agent hands himself in to them in Denmark.

As a team begins to assess his value, his former employers in the Kremlin develop a brutal plan to show that no defector will ever be safe.

And they know where to find him. Which means there must be a mole in MI6.

So it is that the cavaliers of Six find themselves being interrogated by nondescript Jonas Merrick of Five – the man called back from retirement and his beloved caravan, the man the young guns call the Eternal Flame because ‘he never goes out.’

But while he may be grey, Jonas is also ruthless. As he quietly works through the suspects in London, and violent mayhem breaks out in Denmark, Jonas plans not just to unmask a traitor, but to hit back at the Russians with deadly force.

First encountered in The Crocodile Hunter, Jonas Merrick is set to become one of the great figures of modern spy fiction.

The Crocodile Hunter – Cover Image, Blurb and Release Date


Here is the cover image, blurb and release date for the new Gerald Seymour novel, The Crocodile Hunter.

A thrilling story of the secret services, their enemies and the society they operate in, building with unrelenting suspense to a superb climax, The Crocodile Hunter is Gerald Seymour writing at the top of his powers.

In the office at MI5 where he works, they call Jonas Merrick ‘the eternal flame’. It isn’t a compliment. It’s because he never goes out. He never goes undercover, never does surveillance, never goes with the teams that kick down the doors or seize the suspects off the street. He commutes into work and sits at his desk and then he goes home.

But Jonas has qualities the hot-shots fail to notice: a steely concentration, a ruthless ability to focus and find the enemy hiding in plain sight.

Hearing of a British Jihadi returning from Syria with murderous plans, Jonas sends out for a telling photograph: a crocodile, almost submerged, just its eyes above water as it waits for unsuspecting prey to drink at the riverbank.

Coming ashore near Dover, Cameron Jilkes is a young man from a broken home and a failed education, trained in the harshest theatre of war, driven to rage by loss and pain.

And this time, ‘the eternal flame’ must go out – to hunt the crocodile himself.

The Crocodile Hunter is published in hardback and ebook in the UK on 18 February 2021.

Gerald Seymour event in Cardiff

I got a message from Susanna that will be of interest to Gerald Seymour’s readers in the Cardiff area.

Once again I’m delighted to let you know that I will be interviewing Gerald this coming Wednesday, 12th February 2020 at Park End Church in Cardiff, CF23 6EG and it’s a free event.

Not only will Gerald be answering questions from the audience, he will be signing and selling his latest book as well as back copies of some of his earlier work.

To join us just contact Susanna at

Update. Here’s the Facebook link for the Friends of Rhydypennau Library Events where there Are photos and a description of the event…

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