The Eternal Flame audio book short story


This is something of an oddity that I spotted this week. It appears that there is an audio book of a Gerald Seymour short story titled The Eternal Flame.

It seems to be out on both Download and CD formats and was apparently released on 28 January.

Jonas Merrick – mockingly nicknamed ‘Eternal Flame’ by his colleagues at MI6 because he was desk bound and considered a long redundant encyclopaedia of names and faces – was on the edge of retirement.

Having escaped his own insincere retirement party and taken refuge on a bench within the grounds of Thames House, he finds himself sitting next to Winston Gunn, a young man drawn into the Jihadi activist net while serving 18 months imprisonment. A young man packed tightly with explosives ready for detonation….

New novel Battle Sight Zero out in 2019

The latest Gerald Seymour novel was only just published in January but already there’s a listing for next year’s book titled Battle Sight Zero on

A searing novel of trust and betrayal in the fight against terrorism.

The Kalashnikov AK47 is a weapon with a unique image, symbol of freedom fighters and terrorists across the globe. In a fanatic’s hands, inside a crowded shopping mall, it can bring death and mutilation to scores of people in a matter of seconds.

MI5 have struggled for years to keep this rifle out of Britain.

Andy Knight is a young truck driver. Last year he was doing something different and had another name. Next year, if he survives, he’ll be someone else again.

That is the dangerous, lonely life of an undercover officer.

Andy has befriended Zeinab, a young Muslim student from a small Yorkshire town who is a central part of a murderous, extremist plot.

Connections have been made through a veteran Manchester gangster with a source of AK47s in the impoverished, drug-ridden, high rise estates of Marseilles.

If Zeinab can find a driver and bring one rifle home on a test run, many more will follow: this is the nightmare scenario for the security forces – with them would come killing on an horrendous scale.

Zeinab is both passionate and attractive, and Andy had had drilled into him that the golden rule of undercover work is not to get emotionally close to the target.

But, sometimes rules are difficult – impossible – to keep to.

Battle Sight Zero follows Andy and Zeinab on their path to the lethal badlands of the French port city, simultaneously tracking the extraordinary life journey of the veteran blood-soaked weapon they are destined to be handed there.

Battle Sight Zero is due for publication in hardback from Hodder on 10 January 2019 and is priced at £17.99. Obviously all this can change between then and now.

Thanks to Ross for the alert.

Library appearance

Sue has reminded me that Gerald Seymour is being interviewed at Rhydypennau library in Cardiff next Wednesday night, 31st January 2018. The event is free entry and he’ll also be selling and signing A Damned Serious Business.

Jericho’s War paperback alert

Just a quick alert that the new paperback edition of Jericho’s War is officially published by Hodder books on Thursday 30 November 2017.

That will be followed in January by the new hardback, A Damned Serious Business. I’ve finished reading my advance copy and a review will be up soon(ish).

Finally thanks to Sue for letting me know that Gerald will be talking about, signing and selling his latest book in a little Welsh library on 31 January. Details on Friends of Rhydypennau Library Events Facebook page.

A Damned Serious Business preview

A look at Amazon UK today revealed the title and blurb of the next Gerald Seymour novel. A Damned Serious Business is out in hardback on 4 January 2018.

Here is the blurb…

There is a new cold war raging and its frontline warriors are Russian hackers – gang-members working freelance for the FSB, successor to the KGB. Massive thefts of personal information, electoral interference, catastrophic disruption of commercial and social services, banks, airlines, even whole countries disabled – this is happening now.

Nicknamed ‘Boot’ because of his obsession with the Duke of Wellington and the battle of Waterloo, Edwin Coker is a case officer at the Vauxhall headquarters of MI6. When a young hacker falls into his hands and reveals details of a secret meeting, Boot conceives a daring plan to strike back – not with a computer virus of his own, but with a bomb that will seriously damage the Russian operation, spreading fear and distrust.

Now Boot and his little team need a ‘deniable’ handler to deliver the explosives across the border from Estonia into Russia and bring the hacker back out. They turn to Merc, an ex-soldier fighting in Iraq, a gun-for-hire who knows how to get out of a tight spot. They hope.

From the moment Merc sets out to cross the River Narva things do not go to plan and when the hacker’s sister becomes involved, his mission turns from tough to near impossible. The scene is set for a classic story of pursuit and evasion and an epic battle for survival.

As always this far out it’s possible that the title and indeed the release date will change.

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