In conversation with Gerald Seymour and Terry Pratchett

Today I stumbled upon a transcript of a talk that Gerald Seymour did with the late Terry Pratchett back in November 2001. I thought it might make interesting reading as we await the next novel.

You can find the transcript at

Just a spot of context. 9/11 had just happened and the most recent Gerald Seymour book published was his 20th, The Untouchable, in August that year (if I recall correctly).

It is interesting to see Gerald Seymour say he had no idea where things were going after 9/11. Pratchett also mentions Gerald’s previous novel Holding the Zero and makes reference to a movie about a sniper called Enemy at the Gates which was out that year.

I’m just stunned that 2001 was 14 years ago! How on earth did that happen?

Harry’s Game reissue now out

20130331-225415.jpgToday marks the publication of the first reissue of one of Gerald Seymour’s novels by Hodder books. Appropriately it is his first book, Harry’s Game.

The book includes a foreword written by Robert Harris (author of Fatherland) for the 20th anniversary of Harry’s Game, which would have been in 1995. To be honest I was unaware that Harris had written that foreword. It’s a bit of a shock to realise that almost another 20 years have passed since he wrote it.

Harry’s Game is out in paperback and Kindle e-book. More reissues follow later in the summer.

The Outsiders in paperback today

Just another reminder that The Outsiders is out in paperback in the UK today. (So far I’ve already spotted it in my local ASDA at a bargain price.)

Update – its also in Tesco.
Another update – also in Sainsburys for just £3.49.

And when you’ve read it why not add your comments to the The Outsiders page on this site.

More Reissues Listed

According to Amazon UK the following five Gerald Seymour books will be reissued by Hodder paperbacks on 21 November 2013.

A Song in the Morning
The Journeyman Tailor
Killing Ground
Holding the Zero

This is in addition to the five books already listed for the reissue treatment earlier in the year.

Title and cover image of next book The Corporal’s Wife

A visit to Amazon UK tonight yielded the title and cover image of the next Gerald Seymour novel. The book is currently titled The Corporal’s Wife and the cover image can be seen below.


No blurb yet but the cover features the following “tag line”:

He will tell MI6 the secrets of Iran. If they can get his wife out. And that’s impossible.

Interesting. I am immediately reminded of The Contract.

The publication of the book is still set for August. That’s a good long way away so don’t be surprised if the cover and title change in the meantime.

The cover image itself is interesting as it harks back to the “character” covers that Transworld used from The Untouchable onwards.